16 March 2010


I know I've been focusing on snow and bicycles a lot lately.
They're two things which I find pretty exciting but I've decided there'll be a snow/bicycle moratorium until further notice.
I'm beginning to bore myself.

Today's going to be all about scientists punching each other.
That's clearly Einstein on the right (demonstrating that every left hook has an equal and opposite reaction) but I can't quite place the guy on the left
Any ideas?


I think you may be right 'Anonymous'. The guy on the left bears a striking resemblance to renowned German physicist and the man responsible for the law of black body radiation, Karl Ernst Ludwig Max Planck
Here's a photo of him from 1901
He certainly looks like a scrapper


My thanks for the spirited contributions by the Metafilter community. It appears that the concensus is leaning towards Einstein Vs Planck.
Some other notable possibilities were Neitzsche, Langevin, and my favourite: Von Kaiser from Nintendo's 'Mike Tyson's Punchout' (1987)
I should also point anyone who's interested in this event, to the translated Science Slam site.


Robotot March 18, 2010 at 8:46 PM  

The guy on the left looks like Nietzsche. But he's no scientist, nor can I think of a reason why he'd wanna duke it out with Einstein.

Anonymous March 18, 2010 at 9:14 PM  

Max Planck.


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